Story of Greenwing

“If you love this beautiful planet,you will support Greenwing”

          The company, originally named ‘MACRO’ has already been in operation for nearly 16 years.  The new company name, Greenwing fits in better with the management’s modern ideas and objectives.

          And maybe even more importantly, it fits in better with the new company’s image of being clean, effective and customer-oriented, and of providing services that are in line with  the excellence of Honda  Motorcycles themselves.

          Greenwing emphasizes that our ‘greenness’ doesn’t only come from our environmentally- friendly Honda motorcycles.  The customer is served in nice clean well-organized showrooms and service areas.    See them for yourself.

          The short clear message that Greenwing conveys is: Environmental awareness starts with cleanliness at home.

          Greenwing is applying for ISO 9001:2000 and the next step will be ISO: 14000 Eco Friendly Award.